In collaboration between YIMSAMER and EPSON THAILAND, our latest project creates a full 360-degrees 3D PROJECTION MAPPING.


One of the most memorable moments in one’s life is a “wedding”. YIMSAMER wanted to create different experience and collect those memories through our specialty “Enchanted Woods”

In Collaboration with                                               Thailand

We can say that it is one of the best visual and motion graphic design we have ever done.


The story started with two foxes who represent our bride and groom. Both foxes found each other and fell in love, bringing liveliness to the murky forest. The flowers bloom. The fireflies flutter through the night sky. Everything is charming through the journey of the couple.


The challenges of this project are not only the composing of the story that corresponds with each sequence of the ceremony but also the technical aspect of using 8 projectors which are sponsored by EPSON THAILAND to display the motion graphic all around the room. We wanted to create the atmosphere of adoration of the couple.


YIMSAMER would like to thank everyone who participates and support this special project and sincerely congratulate Khun Pa and Khun Tap, our bride and groom.

PROJECT : “Enchanted Woods”


360-degrees 3D Projection Mapping

VENUE : Park Hyatt Hotel 



Project Manager:

Kitsada Pisitsart 

Visual - Motion  Designer :

Thanapat Thitacharee




Designed and produced by "Yimsamer  Co., Ltd"

Ekamai 21 , Khlongton Nuea ,

Wattana, Bangkok ,Thailand, 10110

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