Move Habit project aims to campaign about moving our body and raise awareness about office syndrome using interactive kinetic installation.

The characters, dressed in different occupation costumes, lead people to exercise in 5 different movements which help prevent the office syndrome.


There is a sensor that detects users standing in front of each row of the characters. When a user make a movement, the characters of that movement will follow.


This is the first time that Yimsamer combine kinetic and interactive installation together. We use the Kinect to detect user’s movements then send the data to control servomotors.


The challenge of this installation is to make the characters move in different movements at the same time while there are many users. It is not only creating a specific library to control the installation but there are external factors such as lighting quality, detectable area, and different user’s body profiles.


MOVE HABIT will be installed in many public spaces such as train stations and department stores where it is populated by office workers in order to further promote the campaign.


“Move Habit”

simply daily actions


Installation Design




Parit Treechadarat

Visual and Motion Designer :

Thanapat Thitacharee

Visual Controller :

Dittawat Ajmanwra


Future Factory

Sea Wave

Designed and produced by "Yimsamer  Co., Ltd"

Ekamai 21 , Khlongton Nuea ,

Wattana, Bangkok ,Thailand, 10110

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