The Din D Exhibition was held as part of the collaboration between Southeast Asia University, Chulalongkorn University, and Yimsamer. With studies and statistical data supported by Cornell University, the exhibition promoted and raised awareness of the importance of soil, forest, and natural resources among members of the new generation.

     The content of the exhibition was presented through audiovisual and interactive installation, including the Soil Aggravation Project, the Thailand Royal Rainmaking Project, and the Vetiver Knowledge that are easy to understand. The project was initiated to help to promote the recognition of the 5th of December as the World Soil Day among the young generation.


Most importantly, this exhibition aims to honor the tireless efforts of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to develop sustainable soil resource management. His contribution has greatly improved the conditions of agricultural land throughout the country, an accomplishment that has been recognized all over the world.


The multimedia installations consisted of 3 parts: LED SCREEN around the room, LED STRIP, and INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY.


LED Screens told the story about soil and all the projects of His Majesty King Rama 9.


LED Strips portraying the image of the King surrounded the interactive space that represent the thought and creativity of His Majesty. The soil and grass surface in the middle allowed people to walk on with bare feet to experience through the sense of touch and interact with led strips.


Sermsin Samalapa , Puvanai Dardarananda ,

Chattavut Peechapol

Project Coordinator :

Thanapong Panichob

Installation Designer :

Kitsada Pisitsart , Sansiri Siripornlertkul

Visual - Motion  Designer :

Kritchaporn Emamorn

Interactive Producer :

Chayanon  T.Charoen


Enchanted Woods


anniversary of Faculty

of Architecture

Designed and produced by "Yimsamer  Co., Ltd"

Ekamai 21 , Khlongton Nuea ,

Wattana, Bangkok ,Thailand, 10110

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